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Perfect Fish & Chips

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Perfect Fish and Chips

John Kirk

Perfect Fish and Chips


The traditional British take-away it might be, but getting things just right is all the more difficult because of that!  Here are some tips!


Grimsby haddock fillets

An egg



Sunflower oil


Choose a THICK piece of fresh Grimsby haddock.  If you have a thin piece it becomes dry whilst frying!  A piece with skin left on is easier to keep together.


Whip the egg in a basin, and immerse the fish fillet in the beaten egg, then take out and roll in breadcrumbs, ensuring that the whole of the fillet is covered.


Prepare the chips.


Heat the oil for the chips until it is hot. (185°C).  Whilst this is heating up, place a little oil in a large non-stick frying pan for the fish and heat gently.


Carefully place the chips in the oil, and immediately turn down to 150° (a gentle heat).


Similarly place the fish in the hot oil of the frying pan, and after 30 seconds turn over for another 30 seconds, and then turn the ring/flame down to MINIMUM.  You are aiming to cook the fish all the way through, but very gently so that the middle retains a moist texture rather than being dried out!  Turn the fish several times using flat wooden spatulas to ensure the fish is gently cooked all the way through.  A spatula placed each side of the fillet ensures that it does not fall apart whilst being turned.


The chips will cook and brown quicker or slower depending on the breed of potato used.  If you just buy “potatoes” from the supermarket, you will need to judge them each time.  You can even end up with slightly brown, and deep brown chips in the same pan through using different breeds of potato!


The chips are ready when they can be squeezed (mind you don’t burn your fingers!) and are a golden colour.  The fish is ready when the flesh is opaque white throughout (it starts off slightly translucent and not quite white).


Ensure the chips and fish are as oil free as possible before placing on the plate.


Serve with mushy peas!

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